About me

My name is Rami Salle, I am a professional visual storyteller with 20+ years of experience, mainly in the field of commercial and corporate photography. Some of my photography you can see in this site. 

Photographer era

Year 2011 lead me to develop Finnish Advertising photographers association as Chairman of that organisation. I felt us,  photographers association needed a change and that we needed to broaden our field and member base. The camera technologies developed to a stage where it came possible to shoot video with SLR cameras. Digital platforms needed more visual material in general. Suddenly photographers had to understand a lot more about visual communications. We felt that old name of the association was not repressing what we did, so we changed the name and aim of this association to Finnish Image makers association, Fimage ry.

Keksi times

By the end of 2012 I was asked to join photo agency Keksi as a partner. The founders Jenni and Natalia contacted me and after discussions I joined Keksi at beginning of 2013.  It became clear that I did not have time to do photography by myself anymore, instead I used my knowledge to support photographers represented by Keksi. The time at Keksi was really important, all the different tasks I had to learn and develop the business together with Jenni and Natalia.  

Interactive storytelling

And then late 2016, phone rang again, CEO of Stereoscape had been looking for people for help to form teams to work with interactive storytelling. I told him my strengths and  weaknesses. Promised to learn, if there were something I did not know. (And there were many.).  I thought the offer over a weekend and said yes. My position was a creative producer. I was not quite sure where I was going, but I knew the future lies in interactive visual communication. People want to participate more what they see, not just sit back and watch. There are so many times that I have heard powerpoint really suck. 

Curious to learn more

At present I am on study leave from Creative Producer position at Stereoscape Oy, which is producing interactive 3D animations, AR, MR and VR platforms. I am studying BBA in Information Technologies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I think this will deepen my understanding and broaden my knowledge needed at work.

In this blog my aim is to discuss about the stuff I do and I have done.

I wish you enjoy the journey with me.